Czech Badminton

Rebranding of the Czech Badminton Association wasn’t just a matter of making a new logo. We needed to create a strong identity that would send a signal to the world that Czech badminton was becoming more professional and keeping pace with the world's best.

Communication strategy & branding
Visual identity
Print design
Brochure with badminton rulesCzech badminton player with a branded t-shirt

New name & communication strategy

"We were looking for an identity that would be a bit cheeky, playful and dynamic – just like badminton. Another goal was to attract existing and, especially, potential new badminton players. It worked out and I'm very happy with it," says Petr Koukal, chairman of the Czech Badminton Association.

Pages of a badminton related brochureBranded bottle

Visual style

We didn't want to use the lion and the flag – notorious state symbols. Instead, we used the characteristic shape of a shuttlecock as the main motif and constructed it from the letters B A D, which brings emotion into the symbolism and gives the whole identity a cheeky outlook.

When creating the visual style, it was necessary to keep in mind that it would appear in international tournaments; it must keep up with trends to engage young people and at the same time work on any print, merchandise or team outfit. The result is a multifunctional, visually clean brand that will represent Czech badminton around the world.

Preview from the brand manualBranded stickersTote bag with the Czech Badminton logo
Branding Tomáš Urbánek
Visual style Pavel Čada
In collaboration with Triple Bang