27. 9. 2023

We teach Webflow

Adam Morkus
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On September 21st, a full-day workshop titled “Webflow from the Ground Up” took place at Brno's Impact Hub. It was held as part of the Brno Bold conference and was led by our lead web designer, Tomáš Návrata.

Instructor and Semibold lead web designer, Tomáš Návrata, with a workshop participant
Source: Brno Bold

The majority of participants were web designers who often encounter issues with the quality of websites that result from their designs. With Webflow, designers gain access to an excellent tool that provides them with 100% control over the final output and liberates them from dependence on developers.

One Day with Webflow

During the morning introduction, Tomáš discussed the pros and cons of other contemporary no-code tools. Some participants already had experience with WordPress (or Elementor), and others with Squarespace, Wix, or Solidpixels. 

The next part focused on the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. While Webflow is "no-code," meaning you don't need to write code yourself, understanding the structure of a website is crucial for assembling and configuring it correctly.

Tomáš also presented several web projects we've worked on at Semibold, explaining how we approached them, structured them, and how our clients use and manage their websites today.

'Webflow from the Ground Up' workshop participants
Source: Brno Bold

After a group lunch, students took control of the Brno Bold web conference and tried designing a website by following a pre-prepared design in Figma. They learned how to transfer it to Webflow and launch a functional website.

We also covered topics such as 

  • responsive web design
  • animations and interactions
  • SEO optimization
  • form usage
  • technical project settings
  • domain linking and hosting setup 

At the end of the workshop, all participants received a checklist to assist them in launching their next website and a list of useful resources for further development in Webflow.

Instructor and Semibold lead web designer, Tomáš Návrata, lecturing at the 'Webflow from the Ground Up' workshop
Source: Brno Bold

Workshops – Not Just for Designers

Similar events organized by us are not always exclusively for designers. At the conclusion of web projects, we often hold workshops to teach the client's team how to work with the CMS (content management system). 

And for those of you who want to dive deeper into Webflow, we can arrange more comprehensive training sessions that will enable you to take complete control of your website.

'Webflow from the Ground Up' workshop participants in a restaurant
Source: Brno Bold

Curious about Webflow? 

If you're interested in Webflow and would like to participate in one of our workshops, please get in touch, or catch us on December 7th at the Brno Bold conference!


Adam Morkus
Brand strategy, copywriting