Our services

We create design for you that will look great and work even better.

We will help you differentiate yourself from the competition, get closer to customers and evoke the right emotions. So that they remember you and buy from you more than once.

Brand strategy and visual identity

We give your brand a face, color and voice. Thanks to this, it will represent you superbly and serve you well and for a long time.

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Web design and webflow development

We will build you a beautiful and functional website that you will be happy to link to. We are the first Webflow Experts in the Czech Republic — you will be in the right hands.

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Our process

The brief

Before we get to work, we need to get to know you well and communicate our expectations with each other. The more thoroughly we do this, the better we will work together.

It usually goes like this:


We will meet (once or more) face-to-face to talk about your needs and expectations.


We will ask you to share any documentation and ask for technical details in an online questionnaire.


We will prepare an offer in which we will outline our approach to the project, price and schedule.


When you are satisfied, we will sign the contract and introduce you to the tools we will use together. Then we get down to work.

Brand strategy

In order to distinguish your brand from the competition and evoke the right emotions, it needs to know what it's saying and how it says it and, above all, to whom and why. We'll ask you all that.

You probably already know some of the answers, and some of them will be shared by your customers. We will help you organize all the important features of the brand and create a manual that will serve as the cornerstone of your communication inside and out for years.

Case Study:

Visual identity

We will give your brand a face. But it won't just be about logo design. Through research, we'll choose the right direction together, and then we'll sketch until we find the perfect concept.

Gradually, we define a whole system consisting of fonts, colors and other graphic elements. Finally, we wrap it all up in a graphic manual and prepare templates for you to use yourself.

Case Study:


A mostly convoluted path leads to a new site, which will only cost you energy. But we will save you a lot of time thanks to our experience and tools.

We use the Webflow platform to create websites, which allows us to combine design with development. So our work is faster and better quality. Our clients also appreciate the intuitive editorial system or the sharing of live prototypes.

How big a role does web presentation play for you? We can make a small website in a few weeks or dive deeper and arrange everything else besides design and development:

  • Research
  • SEO
  • UX design
  • Texts and translations
  • Photo and video production
  • Long-term management after launch

Case Study:

Other touchpoints

We project your brand where it's meant to meet people. We can supply creative concepts, visual designs, printing data or mediate production. We can arrange for long-term service, or we will prepare templates that you can handle yourself.

What do we like to think up with you?

  • Digital outputs (such as social media templates)
  • Printed matter (from business cards to magazines)
  • Packaging and POS materials
  • Promotional items
  • Web or mobile applications

Case Study:

Because we are part of Near & Dear Group, we often work in a broader context and can provide you with other parts of the communication mix, such as social network management, performance advertising or PR.

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