16. 10. 2023

What can we expect from Webflow in 2024?

Tomáš Návrata
šipka vpravo nahoru
Head of Web Design

Last week, in San Francisco (and online), another edition of Webflow Conf was held. In the opening presentation, the Webflow representatives introduced new features and enhancements, which we previously discussed in our article about upcoming developments for 2023. Some of these are available now, while others will be accessible in the coming months. In today's article, we will summarize the most interesting highlights from the event.

Webflow Conf 2023

Multilingual Websites

The absence of language variations was one of the factors we criticized when comparing Webflow to WordPress. The previous solution required either manual page duplication or the use of an external service (e.g., Weglot).

Now, localization is coming directly to Webflow and will be available for all paid plans starting from November 2023. 

Creating multilingual websites will save us hours of work. Pages can be translated manually or by using an automatic translator with the option to fine-tune the details. Localization for SEO and CMS is also included.

The basic plan starts at $9 per month, which is approximately 2,500 Kč per year. We daresay that it will definitely be worthwhile for most of our clients.

Multilingual website on Webflow
Zdroj: Webflow.com

3D Compositions

Using the Spline tool, we can now add 3D compositions to our websites. These can be further animated directly within Webflow, allowing for unique web experiences and creative product presentations.

3D composition on Webflow using the Spline tool
Zdroj: Webflow.com


Design systems have been a hot topic in recent months. It's no surprise – they save a lot of time and result in more consistent outputs.

We can already use variables for colors, sizes, and fonts directly in Webflow. Variables enable us to make global changes more quickly and efficiently. 

In the coming months, we can expect an update to the Figma to Webflow plugin, which will allow for synchronizing components created in Figma with Webflow. This synchronization will also include those variables above. 

If you want to learn more about variables, check out this video.

Webflow Variables
Zdroj: Webflow.com

That's Not All

Take a look at the summary of all the announcements made at Webflow Conf 2023. We are excited about these updates and look forward to using them in our future projects. It's fantastic to see Webflow continually improving and responding to user needs.

What else deserves your attention?


Tomáš Návrata
Head of Web Design