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Why Webflow?
Why Webflow?

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No problem. Thanks to Webflow, we can build a website faster and cheaper than ever before.

It allows us to merge design with development, so we'll save a lot of time and your money.

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Managing your website won't be rocket science.

We'll introduce you to working with the content management system, and editing content will be a breeze for you. Nonetheless, we'll be on the phone if anything comes up...

Meet goals?

Okay. We'll make sure your website is beautiful, but most importantly, that it functions brilliantly.

We'll design it to meet your customers’ intuitions, so it's easy for them to use and brings you real value.

Puma Heros
Web Near & Dear
Web Numeree
Webová stránka Goldfinch Finance
Web Health+
Microsite Summer Affair
Microsite Madberry
Web Warbler
Web Make it Run
We've successfully launched over 60 websites on Webflow
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Do you need your own?

How we work

The brief

To start off, you'll send us the materials you have available. Then, we'll meet to get to know each other and understand what you expect from the new website. We'll send you technical questions and ask you to answer them. After that, we can meet to discuss the proposal.


Solid foundations increase the likelihood that your website will meet your goals. We recommend starting our collaboration with at least one of these analyses:

  • Audit of your current website
  • Internal company research
  • Qualitative and/or quantitative research with your customers
  • Keyword analysis and/or content gap analysis
UX design

We design the structure and refine the details together. At this stage, we're not addressing how the website will look, but rather “what goes where.” Instead of commonly used wireframes, we typically work on a detailed sitemap, from which you can understand everything well, even if you're not from our industry.


The approved structure will be filled with texts. Either we'll draft them, present them to you, and then refine them together, or you can provide your own texts, and we'll adjust them to fit nicely on the website. Another effective option is for our copywriter to meet with you several times to write the texts together.

Alternatively, we can leave copywriting for later and combine it with the design of individual pages. The advantage to this is that you'll see the text proposals in the context of your website's design.

We're happy to provide you with an English version of the website that will be reviewed by a native speaker.

Visual concept

To ensure we're aligned on how the new website should visually appear, we'll review mood boards together and then design the homepage. We'll present you with a live page that you can view in your computer's browser. If you like the proposal, we'll proceed with designing the rest of the pages on the website. If not, we'll adjust it to meet your needs and expectations.

The design phase of the development

Based on the structure and visual concept design, we work on the remaining pages. If needed, we create interactive animations, illustrations, or incorporate photo/video production.

During website development, we utilize MarkUp – a tool that allows you to leave feedback for us at specific points on the website.

The technical development phase

After the desktop design is approved, we'll adapt your new website for mobile devices and optimize it for search engines.

We’ll then fill it with final content.

We'll test functionality, set up analytical tools and cookies, and upon final approval, launch the website.

Long-term development and management

We'll train your team to manage the website effortlessly.

We're here to take care of your website in the long term. We'll invite you to the ClickUp application, where you'll assign tasks to us, track their progress, or comment on them.

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Karlova univerzita
Cushman & Wakefield
Budějovický Budvar

What do they say about us?

šipka vlevo
šipka vpravo

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Semibold. Our cooperation was marked by a smooth and highly professional working relationship. What stood out was the team's caring approach; they were always attentive and responsive to our specific needs.

The designs provided by Semibold were well thought out, displaying a strong understanding of our requirements, brand and aesthetic preferences. I would also highlight their willingness and ability to improve upon their work with every iteration, integrating our feedback seamlessly.

I recommend Semibold for web design services, and we look forward to engaging with them on future projects.”

Jindřich M.
Deloitte, ČR

“The Semibold team has been a true partner to us, delivering high quality work quickly and efficiently. After having a challenging experience with a previous agency, it was refreshing to work with Semibold. Throughout various projects, their team was flexible and adaptable, always working with us to find the best ways to accommodate our changing needs.

We would highly recommend Semibold to anyone looking for a partner that can deliver high quality work quickly and efficiently. Their level of professionalism, reliability, and flexibility make them a true partner that you can trust to deliver the results you are looking for.”

Anna S.
Goldfinch Finance, USA

For me, working with Semibold is a prime example of what a client-agency relationship should look like. They very quickly picked up on our needs and communication style.

Everything goes very smoothly, in addition, the agency is very proactive and comes up with its own ideas and recommendations. One of the biggest advantages is great flexibility and friendly communication.”

Barbora P.
Budweiser Budvar, ČR

“Honestly, I'm not a big fan of working with agencies, but you guys rock, you are immensely quick, you always troubleshoot without it becoming a massive hurdle, and things just move forward.Here's my quote: If every agency functioned like Semibold, companies would love working with agencies.”

Mantas C.
Tatum, USA

Collaboration with Semibold was almost like therapy. They helped us define who we are and what we want. Together, we managed to convey an atmosphere that a person experiences when they enter our space, which was truly challenging with our previous identity.”

“Today, as people walk through our corridors, we see how they suddenly smile more, how they suddenly feel more at ease. By incorporating organic elements, choosing the right colors, and opting for a simple yet highly professional and impactful typeface, we succeeded in expressing who we truly want to be.”

Health+, ČR

“I really enjoyed the collaboration with Semibold. They are a well-equipped team with the best experts. They understood my needs very well, completed the task on time in a short period of time. They even suggested extra feature implementation to gain a better user experience.

I felt I am in good hands. Looking forward to working with them in the future on other projects too.”

Andrea S.
Equals Three, Belgie

“With the Semibold agency, we have collaborated on several projects where their qualities have been consistently demonstrated. Whether it was highly complex projects involving the development of a new platform or smaller assignments that were nonetheless demanding in terms of time and efficiency. I highly appreciate their approach, organization, experience, and ability to translate creative ideas into the digital realm. I also value their responsiveness in handling non-standard timing or unique requirements.

Their added value in terms of the functionality of each creative solution is truly crucial for us, and we look forward to further collaboration!”

Daniel F.

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Get back to us

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How much does it cost?


Development of a small website on the Webflow platform according to the design you provide.
€ 3,000 — € 10,000


Design and development of a standard corporate website or a creative campaign microsite.
€ 6,000 — € 20,000


Design and development of sophisticated websites, including analysis and content creation.
€ 20,000 — € 80,000 

Before we can provide you with an accurate quote, we need to ask you a lot of questions. Let's have a brief and non-binding conversation about your expectations first.


What experience do you have?

The first major website (for a corporation with global reach) we designed and developed was in the Near & Dear group in 2016. In 2020, we became the first Webflow Experts in the Czech Republic, and since then, we've launched dozens of websites on this platform – from small campaign sites to sophisticated corporate pages.

You can find case studies and a list of projects on our Our work page.

How does the collaboration start?

Once you're satisfied with the offer we've presented based on your requirements, we'll ask you to pay the deposit invoice. Typically, this is 50% of the price of the first project (as website development is usually divided into several separate projects).

The details of the collaboration are defined in our terms and conditions, but if you need more, we can sign a framework agreement or a work contract.

How will we communicate?

We'll initiate this question before the start of the project and adapt to you. We'd love to invite you to the digital tools we use for communication, project management, and collaborative work, and even more so, we'd be glad to regularly meet with you in person.

How does content creation work?

Crafting perfectly fitting content (from text to images or even videos) can be a bigger challenge for corporate websites than the design or development itself.

Whether you want to be hands-on or prefer to leave it to us, we'll strive to create quickly and present rough drafts. We believe it'll be easier and faster for you just to provide feedback than to build from scratch.

Can I edit the website after it's launched?

Absolutely. The Webflow CMS is very user-friendly and intuitive. You can edit most texts and images with just one click directly on the website, and dynamic content (such as blog posts or team members) can be easily created, changed, or deleted independent of us.

How does website management work after launch?

Upon handing over the completed website, we'll train your team so that you need us as little as possible. The CMS is a given, but additionally, we're used to preparing templates for internal teams, making it easy for you to create additional pages if needed.

For bigger challenges, we will, of course, help you. We'll invite you to the ClickUp app, where you'll have the opportunity to assign us new tasks and provide feedback on ongoing ones.

Long-term management and development of your website can be paid for only as and when you need it or on a flat-rate basis with guaranteed response times and other benefits.

How much does Webflow hosting cost?

The vast majority of our clients fit within the range of $276 to $468 per year. The price, apart from technical factors, mainly depends on the amount of content managed in the CMS.

What if we want to terminate the collaboration?

We never want to throw a spanner in the works. If we can't find common ground, we'll transfer the project to your own account or to the account of your new supplier in no time.

All details regarding the termination of cooperation can be found in our terms and conditions.

How long does website creation take?

We usually handle a simpler website in a matter of weeks. Designing and developing extensive websites, including content creation, typically takes several months.

How much does it cost?

We indicate the price range of websites in 3 categories: Light, Semibold, and Bold. You can find the basic description of these categories in the previous section.

We prefer collaboration in the form of a retainer, where we don't set a fixed project price, but instead, you pay for a month of collaboration. This way, we create healthy pressure on both sides for a balanced ratio of quality and speed, and, most importantly, we reduce the risk of unnecessarily large commitments.

Štěpán Landa
Štepán Landa, CEO

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