Design for Blockchain

Though it wasn't our initial plan, over the past two years, we have become experts on blockchain. We have worked for American fintech companies as well as Czech startups – ranging from website development to UI design of web applications.

Web design
Webflow development
Blockchain websites on mobile devicesBlockchain websites collage

Warbler Labs

At the American fintech company Warbler Labs, they decided to find someone to fix the damage caused during the development of their new website by another supplier.

They found us, and we handled all the challenges. Beyond Webflow development, based on the delivered graphic designs, we added interactive animated elements and integrated various external tools.

"We would highly recommend Semibold to anyone looking for a partner that can deliver high quality work quickly and efficiently. Their level of professionalism, reliability, and flexibility make them a true partner that you can trust to deliver the results you are looking for."

Logo Goldfinch Finance
Anna S.
Head of Design, Goldfinch Finance, USA
A preview of the website for Warbler Labs on a monitor and mobile


Warbler Labs were delighted with the collaboration, and therefore approached us for the development of another website for their Goldfinch project. For this project, we prepared a system based on the provided graphics, enabling their internal team to manage future website developments independently from developers.

A website for Goldfinch on a laptop and mobile


For the Czech startup Debankero, we designed the web presentation and the purchasing process. We supported the visual style with illustrations of a mascot – an alien.

Depending on the context and theme of the current campaign, we can turn the mascot into whatever is needed, be it a mom, an exchange dealer or anyone else. The web application development was taken care of by our colleagues at Mangoweb.

Debankero home pageDebankero home page


We have been collaborating with one of the most successful Czech startups in recent years. The Tatum website was divided into several parts based on target groups. These needed visual unification and long-term development.

As development of new subpages and elements on Webflow continues, our team continuously enhances the visual aspects of the website. The features we've created are now generating a great organic reach.

We invited the client to our Slack and ClickUp applications, where they can track the progress of individual tasks and communicate directly with our designers.

We will soon provide detailed insights into client collaboration within ClickUp on our blog.

Tatum website


Last fall, we worked on the design of a Czech NFT marketplace. We built upon the basic page designs from NMDS and expanded the platform with additional features.

Besides ongoing improvements to the core web application in terms of UX and UI design, we also designed and developed thematic landing pages.

"We have collaborated with Semibold on several projects, where their qualities have been confirmed. Whether it was highly complex projects involving the development of a new platform, or smaller tasks that were, however, more demanding in terms of time and efficiency.

I highly value their approach, organization, experience, and ability to translate creative ideas into digital form. I also appreciate their willingness to accommodate non-standard timing or unique requirements. Their added value regarding the functionality of individual creative solutions is crucial for us, and we look forward to further collaboration!"

Daniel F.
Client Service Director, NMDS
Rull website design on mobileRull website

Gamer Eda

Lastly, we connected Webflow and Shopify to design and develop a web presentation with a small e-shop for the Gamer Eda platform, which manages and sells graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining.

Gamer Eda websiteGamer Eda website