Budweiser Budvar

So far, we've designed two web applications for the only state brewery in the Czech Republic – an intranet for employees and an e-shop for partners. We are applying a recently changed visual style and, at the same time, simplifying internal and business processes.

UX a UI design
The new logo of Budějovický BudvarIntranet user interface


Budvar needed a space where its employees could find all their online tools and data in one place. All the necessary functions of the intranet were set out in detail in the brief, so our main task was to design an information architecture and find suitable compromises regarding the integration of external tools.

Management of the brewery puts the greatest emphasis on the structure and interactions in the databases of directives and employees. On the other hand, people in production are most interested in company news, and especially the lunch menu. To learn about this and everything else, we used up a lot of flip chart sheets and post-its during our UX workshops with representatives of individual departments.

The pandemic slowed us down halfway through the project so we handled design iterations and user testing online. Fortunately, at the beginning of the project, we chose Miro to present the structure and Figma to create the user interface – both of these tools allow easy remote collaboration. Testing prototypes with users was, eventually, easier than usual. We prepared scripts for the client's representatives – this way, they managed to present the research themselves. As the results showed, we didn't make any fundamental mistakes thanks to the intensity of the initial communication.

For the first time, Budvar employees received a tool where they could check their records, request a holiday or find out today's lunch special, all in one place. This, of course, also took several months of development by colleagues from Make it Run.

Intranet structure visualizationIntranet home page designAn example of responsive design on mobile devicesEmployee search user interface

B2B e-shop

Previously, Budvar's business partners ordered products by phone or email. Therefore, we got the task of launching an e-shop, where partners can easily combine their beer order with glasses, coasters and other additional goods.

The developers had to deal with many challenges within the project. We just designed a friendly e-shop, which was special only because of its mandatory user login and selling products by the pallet.

E-shop displayed on a mobile phoneDetail of the product in the e-shopThe design of the user interface of the shopping cart in the e-shop
UX/UI design Šimon Kořán
UX design Štěpán Landa, Kuba Novák
Development Make it Run
Photo production VNV Productions