Top Shelf Bottle

We announced the establishment of the Semibold design studio with a campaign that aimed to show the range of our capabilities to clients.

We named the project Top Shelf Bottle after the place where we hide the best stuff which we save for special occasions.

Packaging design
Bottles with original labelsPhotos of cocktails in bottles


We built the entire campaign on a special delivery in a premium design. The packages contain tailor-made cocktails and their combination reflects a contrast of possible approaches to our work.

We chose Negroni as a reference to tradition and quality craftsmanship. To enhance this feeling, we aged the cocktail with oak wood from sherry barrels. The drink and the style of its label is intended for those who prefer good old classics with attention to detail.

On the other hand, our apple Gimlet refers to the minimalist and fresh concept of design. It stands to prove that a clever idea doesn't need ornamentation.

Negroni bottle with design labelDetail of a label printed on silver foilGimlet bottles with original holographic labelHolographic label detail


The traditional labels were printed on silver foil, which provides easy handling and a premium look. We adorned the second bottle with a holographic foil and, in this case, we probably don't even have to explain why.

We packed the cocktails in printed boxes and had them delivered to our clients' offices.

Would you like a similar original gift for your clients? Contact us and let's think of something special together.

Gift package for clientsOpened box with cocktails, letter and business card
Graphic design Šimon Kořán, Barbora Kmecová
Art direction Štěpán Landa, Kuba Novák