Sláva pivu!

Budweiser Budvar approached us with a delightful task: “Create a name and visual identity for a new beer & food festival. It will take place right on the brewery grounds and will feature participation from several microbreweries.”

Creative concept
Web design
sklenice pivatriko Sláva pivu

Celebrating Beer

Among the ideas we presented, the client was most taken with “Sláva pivu!” (“Long Live Beer!”). And truthfully, it was our favorite as well.

Yet, it's not just a name. It's a statement. Beer has always been and will always be with us. We Czechs hold it dearer than anyone else and we should care for it, cultivate it, and celebrate it.

The “Sláva pivu!” brand stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. We want to acknowledge our own history, even strike a national note. Simultaneously, we'd like to showcase the contemporary state and diversity of the world of beer.

festival Sláva pivuvlajka Sláva pivu

A Head in the Logo and Infinite Variability

Within the minimalist logo, we've hidden a hint of a pint with a head of foam and surrounded it with colorful stickers. Their use generates an endlessly variable yet graphically consistent array of formats. It's a playful solution enabling us to convey everything we need, wherever we need. Crafting stickers is easy and swift – we only need to change the text.

triko festivalu Sláva pivutriko festivalu Sláva pivu

A Website Up in a Few Days

We launched the “Sláva pivu!” website as a simple teaser, providing essential information through our stickers.

Later on, we added a link to the ticket pre-sale website and eventually incorporated a specific schedule, logos of all participating microbreweries, a site map, and an FAQ.

Ukázka webových stráneksamolepky festivalu Sláva pivu

Dozens of Applications

We love it when our work transcends the digital realm and enters the physical world, forming a comprehensive visual ecosystem. Here, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We branded tasting glasses, adorned public buses, and printed festival shirts. We even conceived a radio spot recorded by our colleagues at VNV Productions.

We designed site maps, identification wristbands, temporary tattoos, and numerous other items.

And speaking of tattoos... the Event Manager from Budějovický Budvar identified so closely with the whole concept that she had the "Sláva pivu!" logo tattooed for real.

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samolepky festivalu Sláva pivufestival Sláva pivuTetování pivofestival Sláva pivu

What Does the Client Think?

“As a proudly České Budějovice-based brewery, we want to be a part of local life. The classic format of beer festivals, which we ourselves have organized in the past, no longer corresponds to the current world of beer as we see it. We have been searching for new ways to celebrate beer, food, and entertainment, which are inherently connected, and thanks to Semibold, we have succeeded.”

Gabriela Kudrnáčová
CZ Marketing Manager of Budweiser Budvar
Strategie Kuba Novák
Copywriting Adam Morkus
Vizuální identita Jakub Chvátal
Print design Anna Fatrdlová
Webdesign Tomáš Návrata